Thursday, March 20, 2008

High Rates of Binge Drinking in Ireland

New research shows that 58 percent of the drinking done by men in Ireland is binge drinking, the London Press Association reported Oct. 8.

The study conducted for Ireland's health department further found that 48 percent of all men and 16 percent of women in Ireland binge drink at least once a week.

Ireland is the highest of all other European countries in term of binge drinking. In the United Kingdom, the percentage of men who binge drink is 40 percent, while in France it is 9 percent.

In addition, more problems, such as falls, unintentional sex and public order offenses, were linked to drinkers in Ireland than any other European country.

Irish health minister Micheal Martin said a number of initiatives are underway to address binge drinking.

"The clear message from this research is that we must change our drinking patterns -- we need to cut down and slow our drinking."

The health ministry recently districted a "Guide to Rethinking your Drinking," as well as a new advertising campaign that will be shown before movies in cinemas throughout the country.

In addition, the new single by Irish artist Sinead O'Connor will include a booklet with information on alcohol.

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