Saturday, December 22, 2007

SoberCircle Celebrates One Year Connecting the Online Addiction Recovery Community

SoberCircle (, the world's largest social networking Web site specifically designed for the addiction recovery community, marked its first anniversary on Saturday, Dec. 15. In just one year, more than 18,500 members have joined SoberCircle, which was created by DDM, a Nashville-based behavioral health care company.

The site features interactive member profile pages, member-created blogs, special interest groups, forums and chat rooms, among other features. Resources include directories with contact information for thousands of treatment centers and interventionists, an events calendar listing recovery-related events and an online store sells books, CDs and other recovery-related merchandise.

SoberCircle has seen rapid growth since its launch, and has attracted a loyal member following.

"People are so grateful to have a place to come to find others they can easily relate to -- others who are sober or who are seeking sobriety. We have several members who have taken the initiative to organize daily online 12-step meetings," said Chris Ennis, co-founder and lead developer for SoberCircle. "It's so fulfilling to know that our members have a place they can go at any time, day or night, to get support and interact with others who share their same struggles with addiction."



ViK[RuM] said...

it is one of the placest in the web for addicts and addictions. we need more such platform on net to promote anti-addiction. become a member and you will read some fantastic stories and people who were an addicts and now they are leading a clean and healthy life.
Comprehensive resources for those looking for recovery from addiction.

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