Monday, May 26, 2008

First USA Use Of New Liver Cancer Technology At Saint Raphael

Scott Helton, M.D., chief of surgery at the Hospital of Saint Raphael, New Haven, Connecticut, an internationally recognized liver surgeon, became the first in the USA to use the new Acculis microwave cancer-fighting technology to destroy liver tumours.

Saint Raphael's is one of six world leading cancer hospitals in the U.S.A. to introduce the new MTA microwave system, manufactured by the U.K. based company Acculis Limited. The six initial sites were chosen because they are also home to several of the nation's top liver surgeons.

During the May 15th procedure, Helton performed microwave tissue ablation (MTA) using the Acculis MTA high-powered microwave system to treat a non-resectable liver tumour. During the complex procedure, Helton performed multiple liver resections on the right side of the liver and then used microwave energy to destroy a remaining non-resectable tumour on the left side of the liver.

"The treatment today was groundbreaking. We were able to remove or destroy three liver tumours situated on both sides of the patient's liver during a single procedure," said Helton. "Previously this patient would not have been eligible for a single operation because we could not have removed or destroyed all the tumours in one setting. This system allows us to destroy tumours quickly and decisively using high power microwave energy through a carefully placed small probe. We expect that this new technology will allow us to treat previously inoperable tumours and open up new treatment options for patients with primary or metastatic liver tumours."

"While liver ablation is commonly done using radiofrequency, treatments that were impractical with previous technologies are now possible because of the speed, power and precision of microwave energy," Helton said. "The Acculis System is the first to successfully deliver high power microwave energy in this area of medicine."

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as the European Union's CE marking body SGS, have given approval for the Acculis MTA System to go into commercial distribution.

A cohort of 14 world leading cancer centres in the UK, USA and Australia are collaborating with AUGIS, the UK Liver Surgeons body, in the initial use of this new technology. "We are working with the very best surgeons around the world in introducing this revolutionary new system," said Stuart McIntyre, CEO of Acculis Limited. "This leading cohort of top cancer centres will evaluate the new treatment options the Acculis MTA System creates. Through centres such as Saint Raphael's, this technology will offer patients new hope."

Acculis is a specialist medical device company developing microwave energy ablation systems for oncology applications. Acculis is part of the Microsulis group of companies. Microsulis and Acculis are based in Hampshire, England. For more information about the Acculis MTA System, visit,, or contact Caroline Hall at +44 2392 240011.

The Hospital of Saint Raphael is a 511-bed community teaching hospital affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine. A leader in cardiac, cancer, orthopaedic, neuroscience and geriatric services, Saint Raphael's is the largest member of the Saint Raphael Healthcare System, which is sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth.

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