Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Needing to Beat Addiction

Addiction is a horrible thing. It doesn't matter what exactly you're addicted to - drugs, alcohol, etc. When you're addicted you no longer have control of your life. You are living for the addiction. And that's no way to live. Needing to beat an addiction is obvious, but how to actually beat it too often seems impossible.

The worst part about any addiction is that the addict usually doesn't realize just how much they need help. They think they are in control. They think they can stop at anytime. In reality, they are in denial.

Other addicts know they need help but they just don't think they will get it. They may have failed at rehab. They may feel like they aren't strong enough to break the addiction. So they've stopped even trying to break free from the chains of the addiction.

Those who are in denial are the last people to get help. If a person doesn't believe they have a problem then they aren't likely to go for help. Usually people on the outside think the person is lying, that the person has to know they have a problem. But this isn't true. The addiction convinces the addict that he/she doesn't have a problem and that's what that person really believes.

There are two main reasons why people get to the point where they are needing to beat an addiction. They need to break the addiction so they don't hurt themselves anymore and/or so they don't hurt others anymore. People can permanently hurt themselves and permanently damage relationships because of their addiction.

Needing to beat an addiction is a tough position to be in. However, people need to admit they have a problem and then they need to believe they can get help. Those are the first two steps toward recovery. If a person can just go that far then there is a lot of hope that he/she can break free from the terrible chains of addiction.

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